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To mark the release of Rick Stein’s Spain; a collection of recipes that celebrates the rugged, diverse flavours of Spanish cuisine, we’ve got a Q & A with Rick as he chats about his must-have ingredients, his top tip for any budding chef and why he still enjoys cooking for himself, despite having made it his profession.

Where do you feel most happy when you are cooking?

My kitchen at my cottage in Padstow. It’s a bit small but perfectly formed and has the advantage that I can pick up all the fresh fish I need from The Seafood Restaurant down the road.

What food do you love to cook for your family?

Sadly, my family has grown up and flown the nest but they all come back to Padstow once in a while and then it’s always fish, something like a whole poached turbot with hollandaise sauce.

What is your favourite recipe to cook when you have friends over for dinner?

It is my Fish Pie. This has been a very successful recipe over the years. I think it is the combination of smoked and fresh fish that makes it so special.

What is your larder must-have?

The hot smoked paprika from Spain called Pimenton.

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Lucy Trask is hounded by her past, a past that she is determined to keep a secret. But when she happens across a dead body in the park on her morning run, followed by a series of brutal murders seemingly left for her to find, she begins to suspect that her history has caught up with her.

Working closely with the police as a medical examiner, Lucy is no stranger to violent crime and can tell these murders bear all the hallmarks of a serial killer. But why are they being left for her, and why now? With the support of J. D. Fitzgerald, the homicide detective tasked with solving the case and increasingly committed to protecting her at all costs, she intends to find out.

Convinced that the killings are connected to Lucy’s shady past and that eventually, she too will find herself in the killer’s firing line, Fitzgerald has to persuade Lucy to come clean about her history. But as the relationship between the two becomes increasingly complex, the stakes to crack the case before it’s too late become even higher.

The pair of them travel to Lucy’s home town and the reasons for her secrecy slowly become clear; the killings and their connection to her past all falling into place…

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Levi Roots’ life has been anything but ordinary. A friend of Bob Marley’s when Marley was living in the UK, he has also performed on stage with James Brown and was nominated for a MOBO for his own music in 1998. But despite these achievements, it was his appearance on Dragon’s Den, looking for £50,000 investment for his now famous Reggae-Reggae Sauce that secured him widespread fame in the UK and beyond.

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Lorna Byrne sees angels. She has done since she was a little girl. She sees them as clearly as we see park benches or bus stops; she speaks to them just as we speak to one another. And she hopes to encourage others to discover their own ability to do the same.

In Stairways to Heaven, the Irish mystic builds on the revelations of her previous book Angels In My Hair, expanding on how she came to understand the presence of angels in everyday life. She pays particular focus to how angels helped her through her most difficult, darkest time – the loss of her husband.

Although ‘Stairways to Heaven’ is categorised as an autobiography, Lorna does not only recount her life story but also writes about her friends’ experiences with angels, as well as providing ideas and guidance on how readers can get in touch with their own guardian angels. Yet even the most hardened sceptics could gain something from reading Lorna’s account – above all it is a story about overcoming grief and finding peace and happiness in your darkest moments.

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The Leopard is the eighth installment in Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series. Following on from Nesbo’s widely acclaimed 2010 release, The Snowman, the book begins in Manilla, where we find Harry Hole locked in a self-destructive cycle; drinking the days away, increasingly dabbling in hard drugs and working his way towards an early and unpleasant grave.

Although Hole has little desire to return to Norway, a series of murders drags him back to Oslo and he quickly finds himself on the trail of a brutal serial killer. The action – as tends to be the case with Nesbo – comes thick and fast and he spares his readers none of the gore. As fans of Nesbo will attest, these books are not for the faint hearted, but Nesbo counter-balances the gorier aspects of this novel with a gripping plot that leaves the reader guessing at every turn.

Overall, this is a page turner in the truest sense of the expression, I found it impossible to put down once I’d got stuck into it. Unfortunately, my guess at ‘who-done-it’ was way off, though I’ll be amazed if anyone managed to get it right. Actually, if any of you did manage to guess who the villain was, let us know, congratulations are definitely in order!

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So, here it is, the inaugural post on the Tesco Books blog!

It’s an exciting time for the Tesco Books team and we’re really looking forward to sharing our passion for books. We’ll be covering all of the UK’s most anticipated releases, top authors and of course having a lot of fun with games, giveaways and competitions along the way.

We’ve got a wide range of contributors who’ll be covering all genres, from Crime and Thriller to Children’s and Young Adult fiction – and if you’d like to get a little more familiar with the Tesco Books team, you can find out more about the people behind the blog on our About Page.

Currently on the blog you can find:

Over the coming months we’ll also be featuring book reviews, exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming titles, author interviews and some great guest blog posts.

If you’d like to introduce yourself, feel free to leave a comment or you can also get in touch with us on Twitter. We hope you enjoy the blog and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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