A few months ago we told you all about our new concept for finding books to read – arranging books into categories based on how they make us feel, so we can pick books to suit our moods. The three categories we settled on are:

Handpicked to carry you away

For those moments when you want to switch off and tune out, immerse yourself in another world.

Handpicked to make you think… talk… and think again

These are thought provokers, the sort of books that you could chat about no end. Not necessarily easy-reading, but certainly rewarding.

Handpicked to turn your heart in somersaults

These are truly rollercoaster reads – up one minute, down the next.

We had a fantastic response from you guys, but to further test out the concept we knew there were a few other people we had to win over - bloggers!

Well the books have been read and the reviews written and now we can share with you all what they thought of our handpicked concept.

The Five Fs Blog chose Michael Robotham’s The Suspect – “I couldn’t put it down so all other plans got put on hold whilst I finished it and read over 100 pages in one afternoon. And the final twist, I didn’t spot in advance and yes, it drew the sharp intake of breath from me when it was revealed. So, yes, it made me think – and talk, as I spent a while explaining it to my husband … The book definitely delivered the mood. The Suspect made me do nothing but think and talk. Yes, it’s uncomfortable to keep reading sometimes but it’s like a rollercoaster ride – the adrenaline keeps you going going through the peaks and troughs. As I don’t do real rollercoasters, this is MY adrenaline rush.”

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Being a Mummy chose Jodi Picoult’s Harvesting the Heart- “I found this book totally engaging … The whole idea made me think long and hard about the various situations that mothers find themselves in, and how often thoughts and feelings are tied up with past experiences. Yes, it made me think. Yes, it made me talk. I needed to talk about the book after reading it, I needed the release of discussing what I had just read. Particularly as a mother, it does make you wonder what you would do if you found yourself in that situation.”

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Adventures of an English Mum chose Asne Seierstad’s The Bookseller of Kabul- “Well all I can say is that this made me think and talk without a shadow of a doubt. In fact it made me think so much that I had to have a break half way through the book to enable my brain to untangle my emotions!!! … It made me think how lucky I am to live in the UK and live the life I lead. It made me thank god that I’m not under the control of the males in my family. It made me realise the freedom that I have in actually having a choice in music, men, clothes, make up. Actually it made me think about how precious freedom is and how much we take it for granted.”

The Blog Up North also chose The Bookseller of Kabul- “I genuinely enjoyed the book. It lifts the lid on a culture and a country ignored for decades until it was placed in the glare of western curiosity post-9/11 … Did the book make me think and talk? Well, given recent commemorations, it certainly did.”

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High Heels & Book Deals chose Jenny Colgan’s Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe – “The book is light and airy, in an excellent way, but the subjects dealt with aren’t. And suffice it to say, all the men in Izzy’s life give her heartache in one way or another.”

Dot Scribbles also chose Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe – “Jenny Colgan has her reader’s hearts turning in somersaults throughout the book … I can’t recommend this book enough and I like Tesco’s idea of grouping books into these kinds of categories;  a book ‘To Turn Your Heart in Somersaults’ was spot on.”

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Typecast chose Dorothy Koomson’s The Ice Cream Girls - “This method of choosing new reads has introduced me to an author that I have never read before – but I will definitely be reading again – and I’m interested in trying more of their suggestions in the other categories.”

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Writing From the Tub chose Sarah Winman’s When God Was a Rabbit – “When I finished When God Was a Rabbit I felt exhausted and like I wanted to hug each and every one of my family members … it’s so easy to escape into Winman’s story and leave everything else behind and it will make your heart swell.”

The Bookette also chose When God Was a Rabbit – “There were times reading this book when I felt so comfortable that I could have been listening to a lullaby. There were other times where I just sat motionless with the shock of what was revealed as I turned the page.”

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Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy chose David Nicholls’s One Day – “At times the book made me laugh out loud and at times the book made me cry with sadness. There were times where I’d be turning the page with anticipation and excitement and reading twists that I never expected. A book to definitely remind you that you don’t always realise you’ve got something good right under your nose. This was more of a heart roller coaster ride than a few somersaults!”

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We’d also like to thank The Slowest Bookworm, Live Otherwise and Who’s the Mummy for their reviews.

Watch this space, as we’ll soon be revealing the three new moods and the books we’ve chosen for them for the next stage of our ‘Handpicked’ initative …