Bear Grylls’ Survival Tips

Bear Grylls has survived where few would dare to go. His bushcraft skills and endurance have become legendary as a result of numerous television series in which he pits himself, often alone, against the elements. To mark the release of his new book, he has agreed to share with us his top ten tips for surviving in the wild:

- Don’t underestimate the elements. It’s essential that you have a good working knowledge of how to shelter yourself. I don’t just mean tents and sleeping bags; I mean clothes and footwear too. They are your first line of defence against the extremes.

- Fire is your best friend in the field. That said, making a good fire is a bit of a mystery to many people, and there’s nothing more useless than a wet match. Matches can be dried by rubbing them through your hair, but you can also waterproof them before you leave home by dipping them one at a time into melted candle wax.

- Don’t discard the chippings that come away as you are chopping wood. They make very good kindling for the fire.

- Your pack should be as light as possible, so eliminate anything that you don’t really need. Make sure it fits well and is comfortable – you might be wearing it through some unforgiving terrain.

- Any fool can be uncomfortable. Ensure you pitch camp somewhere suitable. Select your campsite wisely, on flat ground and close to the amenities that the natural world provides.

- They say that an army marches on its stomach, and it’s true. If you’re going to spend any amount of time in the field, it’s crucial to understand what kind of food will provide your body with the essential energy it needs. If you’re worried about vitamin deficiency, remember that green grass contains vitamins A, B and C – and it doesn’t actually taste that bad!

- Good hygiene is essential for good health. Dry out sweaty or wet clothes whenever you can – remember the sun also kills bacteria. If you don’t have any soap, white ashes from your fire can be used as a substitute, as can sand and loamy soil.

- To be able to navigate yourself and your companions efficiently, confidently and accurately through all terrains in all weathers can literally be a lifesaving skill. When you’re following a bearing, check it regularly. Each time you check it, locate a landmark along that bearing, walk to the landmark then check the bearing again.

- Good medical training is crucial in the field. A working knowledge of first aid could save someone’s life. It could even save your own. In the wild, the smallest cut can lead to infection, so rinse a dirty wound under clean water. If the water is dirty you may be able to sterilize it by boiling it for a minute at sea level, plus an extra minute for every 300 meters above sea level. Leave it to cool completely before using it.

- It is vital that we learn to look after our bodies. Keeping yourself fit, strong and healthy is vital. Train hard beforehand, as it makes your job of surviving in the field much easier and more pleasurable.

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