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What a year of competitions we’ve had! We have another four lucky winners to congratulate today…

Let’s start with Jenny Colgan, not only did she share her recipes for Mulled wine pear upside-down cake and Nutmeg sugar cookies with you she also gave you the chance to win a bracelet from Tiffany & Co – the perfect Christmas present! To win this amazing prize all you had to do was tell us about the worst Christmas gift you were ever given and there were some terrible ones in there! But Alice Murphy won hands down – she once received a grey self-adhesive noticeboard that didn’t even work! Well this year you’ll have some glamorous wrist bling to brighten up your Christmas!

Next we had Carole Matthews pay us a visit, to celebrate the publication of her wonderfully seasonal novel With Love at Christmas, and we gave you the chance to win £500 of Tesco vouchers! And what a response we had, understandably – think of all the great things you could buy with £500 Tesco vouchers! We asked you where you would like to spend Christmas, some of you just wanted to be at home in front of the fire and others wanted to head for the Big Apple and go ice-skating in Central Park. Lesley MacLellan we hope you have the Christmas you’re wishing for – and enjoy spending your Tesco vouchers!

Author of From Notting Hill to New York . . . Actually, Ali McNamara wanted to give one of our lucky readers the chance to win a VIP shopping weekend in London! She simply wanted to know where you want to go on a trip of a lifetime and why… So many of you wanted to head down under to Australia and New Zealand, other wanted to travel the United States from East to West and North to South, others wanted to discover the hidden treasures of India and experience the vibrant life style of Hong Kong. But our winner Diane Mooney wants to go to Bora Bora – after watching the movie Couples Retreat and taking a look outside at the cold weather we have here in the UK she decided a trip to the island to soak up some sun is exactly what she needs. Well Diane, how about a VIP shopping trip in London instead? Have fun!

We all love a heartwarming love story that brings a smile to our face, and that’s exactly what we asked you to share with us for the chance to win a luxury helicopter experience over London for two or one of ten copies of When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson! We had some very sweet and some very funny stories but our star prize goes to Claire Thomson! And well done to our 10 runner-ups – Karen, Heather, Gerri, Rosalind, Sue, Fran, Tina, Mary, Sarah and Gulun!

Thanks to everyone for sharing all of your great stories with us, we loved every single one of them! And if you’ve not won this time then make sure you join us for some #FreeReadsFriday action over on Twitter!

Have you ever passed by a house and wondered about the people who live in it? I have. Almost every day after my family moved to the small southern Indiana town of Paoli, I’d look up at the elegant white mansion overlooking the community and wonder about who or what might be inside. The ‘Cornwell mansion,’ as it’s known locally, had been a fixture on the hill above the town since my grandmother was a young girl. Mysterious and grand, the house seemed almost out of place in a sleepy small town with a quaint courthouse square and a single stoplight.

Years later, as I began to formulate a central story arc for my first novel, the image of that big white house kept appearing in my mind. By that time, I had also learned about Sol Strauss, a former Paoli resident who, during the 1940s, fled Nazi Germany and opened a successful dry goods store in town. As a Jewish gentleman in a conservative Christian region, it would be fair to say that Mr. Strauss was not fully embraced by the town’s population. Nevertheless, he was fond of the community and adopted it as his own. Upon his death, the residents of Paoli were shocked to learn that he had bequeathed an enormous amount of money to the town, which was to be used for charitable purposes to benefit its people.

Inspired by the majesty of the Cornwell mansion and the generosity and kindness of Mr. Strauss, I developed what became the central premise of The Mill River Recluse.  That is, what if there was a person – a fragile, broken, yet loving person – hiding behind the walls of a beautiful home? And further, what if this person, as misunderstood or unknown as she was, turned out to be more special and more integral to her community than anyone could imagine?

The Cornwell mansion, Paoli, Indiana, USA. Photo credit: Ramona Pinnick

While The Mill River Recluse it is not a Christmas story per se, so many themes in the book – the importance of generosity and kindness toward one’s neighbours, and the true meaning of love and friendship – are so often emphasised during the holidays.  I’m so excited to be able to share my first novel with readers in the UK, and I hope very much that The Mill River Recluse brings you joy this holiday season.

Buy The Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan online and in store now for £3.85 or get 2 for £7 as part of our paperback chart!


Thank you Tesco followers for having made my Christmas by buying so many books.

Enjoy your pudding and mince pies, and like me, start slimming on January 2nd!

I’ll have a new book for you in March.  Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you all!

Don’t eat too many mince pies, don’t drink too much mulled wine, but read as many books as you like!

Ken Follett

Happy Christmas to you all!

Tis the season to over-do it! Make sure you eat lots of chocolate, drink plenty of mulled wine and curl up with loads of lovely books!

Marian Xxxxx

With two novels out, Not Dead Yet and Perfect People, 2012 has been a monster year for me, in which Tesco’s book sections have played a major part. Thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm of Tesco I achieved my 5th and 6th consecutive UK Sunday Times No 1 bestsellers with Roy Grace, and the paperback of Not Dead Yet ended the 50 Shades Trilogy’s 25 weeks unbroken run at the top of the charts.

In addition, in the Holmbush branch in Shoreham, I broke my record for a signing, managing 500 hardbacks in 90 minutes!

But there is no time to give my right arm a rest… I’m currently in Moscow on book tour here, then off to the US, and looking forward to getting home for Xmas.  Or, hold it, am I? I’ve just realized – I’ve got all those Christmas cards to sign…

But hey, I hope you all have a brilliant Xmas and here’s wishing you tons and tons of luck – and loads of happy reading – for the New Year!

Christmas is a busy time for us cooks but it’s also the time to shine!  And what cook doesn’t love the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ that come from the family when the Christmas meal is laid out on the table.

My tip is to plan ahead, be calm and to remember to enjoy the day.

A merry Christmas to you all!

Love Lorraine X

Dear Tesco Books Blog Readers,

I just wanted to take a moment out of the madness of festive preparations to wish you a FABULOUS Christmas!

Thank you so much for all your support this year. By buying my books and sending them up the charts, you’ve certainly made my year a cracker (sorry – excuse the pun, I’m warming up for the family visiting by practising my weak jokes).

I wish you all a fun, indulgent, exciting Christmas that’s full of lovely surprises and treats. I hope 2013 is a healthy, peaceful and happy year for you.


Adele Parks X

Dear All,

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who bought my debut novel Dead Rich, it became a best seller all because of you.  I hope you enjoyed reading about Britain’s Favourite Famous Family as much as I loved writing about them. In case you were wondering what they have been up to…well, quite a lot I’m afraid and most of it pretty shocking!

The sequel will be coming out in March next year – it’s called Fame Game; the further adventures of the Spenders… so please keep your eyes skinned for it in Spring 2013 and let me know what you think about their terrible behaviour!

Talking of terrible behaviour – here comes Christmas! Now, where are those mince pies…

Have a really wonderful time and may all your New Year’s dreams come true.

Louise X

Hello Eveyone,

Happy Christmas – or should I say ‘Buon Natale’ as I’m going for an Italian-inspired Christmas this year! I’m going to be making an incredibly easy, no-cook, sumptuous Italian Christmas Pudding Cake!

Why not try it yourself? Enjoy!

Love Nigella x